DribbleUp, the innovative basketball training app, empowers players of all levels to hone their skills. But before you hit the virtual court, let's explore the exciting world of the DribbleUp military discount and discover alternative ways to maximize the value you get from the app.

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Does DribbleUp Offers a Military Discount?

Great news, service members! DribbleUp does offer a military discount to veterans and active military personnel. Here's how to score a slam dunk on savings:

  • Verification: DribbleUp utilizes a third-party verification service to confirm your military status. Head to the DribbleUp app or website and navigate to the "Account Settings" or "Upgrade to Premium" section. Look for the option to apply a military discount and follow the verification process. Be prepared to provide your military ID or other qualifying documentation.
  • Discount Details: The exact discount percentage might vary depending on promotions or agreements, but reports suggest it can be around 10-15% off a DribbleUp Premium subscription. This premium membership unlocks exclusive features like personalized training plans, advanced video analysis, and in-depth skill development tools to elevate your basketball game.

Scoring Free Throws with DribbleUp:

Even if you encounter any difficulties with the verification process, DribbleUp offers several ways to experience the app's benefits without a discount:

  • Free Version: DribbleUp's free version offers a wealth of features, including access to drills, tutorials, and a basic ball-handling program. This is a fantastic way to explore the app's core functionality before upgrading.
  • Free Trials: DribbleUp often offers free trials of their premium subscription. Take advantage of these trials to explore the premium features and see if they're worth the investment for you.
  • Follow DribbleUp: Keep an eye on DribbleUp's social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook) and subscribe to their email newsletter. They might announce military discount opportunities or promo codes specifically for free trials or discounted subscriptions.


Developing your basketball skills shouldn't require a hefty price tag. With DribbleUp's military discount program, free features, and alternative training resources, you can improve your game and elevate your passion for basketball without compromising your budget.