In the realm of sustainability and hydration, LARQ is a ground-breaking brand best recognized for its inventive line of self-cleaning water pitchers and bottles. LARQ is dedicated to offering top-notch goods and client support while maintaining open and equitable policies. Key elements of LARQ's shipping and return policies are mentioned below. 

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LARQ Shipping Policy:

Countries Names Where LARQ Ships:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Hong Kong
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • EU (European Union)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan

You can also email LARQ at [email protected] to ask them to add your countries next to the list (if not included).

Expedited Shipping Policy: LARQ does provide fast shipping for some areas! It will show up as an option during checkout if it applies. Learn More

LARQ Return Policy:

Within 30 days of the purchase date, you may return any unused LARQ product in its original packing (charging cables and personalized LARQ Bottles excluded). In both the US and Canada, returns are accepted at no cost. For assistance with the return procedure, please contact [email protected], where a member of its Customer Experience team will help you. Learn More

Limited Edition/Gift Sets: Any LARQ bottle that complies with its return policy may be returned. Please be aware that the special discount will end if the set is not returned in its entirety. 

LARQ Exchange Policy: Within 30 days after the purchase date, LARQ would be pleased to exchange your unused LARQ product in its original packaging (custom LARQ Bottles excluded). The United States, the European Union, and Canada offer free exchanges. The LARQ Customer Experience team will help you with the exchange procedure if you contact [email protected].


To sum up, LARQ places a high priority on environmental sustainability, consumer satisfaction, and openness in its shipping and return policies. At every stage of your LARQ experience, from discovering its cutting-edge items to getting help with a return or exchange. You can rely on them to maintain the highest standards of honesty and dependability at low prices via LARQ Coupons available on RedeemOnSports.