Mistymate's personal misters and misting systems offer a refreshing escape from the heat, perfect for keeping you cool on patios, porches, or outdoor activities. But before you mist your way to cool comfort, let's explore the potential for a Mistymate military discount and alternative ways to save on their products.

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Does Mistymate Offer a Military Discount?

While Mistymate showcases its appreciation for veterans and active military personnel on its website, information regarding a dedicated military discount program isn't readily available. This doesn't necessarily mean they don't offer one, but it might not be widely advertised.

Exploring Alternative Cooling Savings:

Even without a confirmed military discount, here are some options to experience the refreshing mist of Mistymate at a friendly price:

  • Contact Mistymate Directly: Reach out to Mistymate's customer service team via phone or email. Inquire about potential military discounts. Be prepared to provide your military ID for verification if a program exists.
  • Seasonal Sales & Promotions: Mistymate conducts seasonal sales and promotions yearly. Keep an eye on their website for deals, clearance events, and special offers, especially leading up to summer. Check the RedeemOnSports website for active Mistymate Coupon Codes.
  • Email Sign-up: Subscribe to their email list for exclusive offers, sale alerts, and new product information. You might receive a welcome discount code for joining.
  • Shop Bundles & Multipacks: Mistymate offers bundles and multipacks of misting system components or personal misters at discounted prices compared to buying them individually. This is ideal if you need to cool multiple areas or plan to share the refreshing mist with friends and family.

Finding Cool Savings Beyond Mistymate:

Here are some additional ideas to keep cool on a budget this summer:

  • Consider creating a DIY misting system using readily available components like hoses and spray nozzles. This can be a cost-effective option if you're handy and enjoy a bit of tinkering.
  • Utilize shade whenever possible. Invest in umbrellas, awnings, or pop-up tents to create cool havens during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Simple solutions like taking cool showers, wearing loose, breathable clothing, and using fans can significantly improve your comfort during hot weather.


Beating the heat shouldn't cost a fortune. While a dedicated Mistymate military discount might not be readily available, exploring alternative savings options and implementing budget-friendly cooling strategies can help you stay cool and comfortable all summer. Contact Mistymate, explore sales and promotions, and consider DIY solutions or low-tech methods. So, stay cool, save some cash, and enjoy the refreshing mist!