MLS Store provides a vast assortment of MLS apparel from premium companies in one easy-to-access location. They are fervently committed to providing MLS supporters worldwide access to their preferred team's merchandise. In addition to offering an extensive range of fully licensed products from the biggest companies, MLS Store takes great satisfaction in its industry-leading return, shipping, and customer service policies. In this article, discover more about its domestic/ international shipping and return policy by exploring, and getting set for a flawless delivery experience.

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MLS Store Shipping Policy:

Domestic Shipping and Handling:

With MLS Store alternatives for domestic shipping, you win! For its customer convenience, it provides a variety of dependable and prompt shipping methods, ranging from normal shipping to expedited delivery options. 
Shipping Rates:
Here at MLS Store, shipping rates vary according to your location, number of items, shipping method, and item type. However, they often offer MTS store free shipping coupons available at RedeemOnSports. 

Key Points:

  • You need to know some key points before opting for the shipping method at MLS Store. 
  • Expedited shipping doesn't affect item availability as MLS Store expedited shipping only fast-tracks transit time after the order ships. 
  • Special items can only be expedited or shipped until available.
  • The item and shipment address determine the shipping method at the MLS Store (gift cards are not trackable, but all other ways are). When you check out, you'll see the shipping options that are available to you!
  • For shipping, we use Roadie, UPS, UPS Mail Innovations, LaserShip, International Bridge, OnTrac, and DHL.
  • If your shipments are being shipped through Roadie, you can provide the driver with your delivery instructions. If there are any specific delivery instructions, such as the gate code or the delivery location, please include them.

International Shipping and Handling:

MLS Store offers international shipping too, including Canada, Mexico, the European Union (27 countries), United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and other countries. Learn More 

MLS Store Return Policy:

Within 90 days of the item's shipment date, you are welcome to return your items to the MTS Store warehouse. Returns need to be in their original tags and labels, unworn and unused otherwise you won't be eligible to claim a return. Learn More

Items That Don’t Qualify For Return: 
After being inspected upon arrival, all returned items will be refused for any of the following reasons by the MTS Store:
•    The return guidelines don't cover return
•    The item looks used, cleaned, or worn.
•    All trading cards, whether encapsulated, loose, or boxed—with no exceptions—as well as game-used, vintage, customized, and personalized items, are not returnable.
•    This item is a gift certificate or card.
•    An undergarment's sanitary lining has been removed.
•    After delivery, the item was damaged
•    The item is changed
•    The item is sent back with holes in it.
•    The item has stains from food, cosmetics, grime, etc.
•    The item is returned without its original packaging, tags from the manufacturer, or any other accessories that came with it when it was first delivered.


With this knowledge in hand, you're ready to tackle the MLS Store's shipping and returns process with confidence. Now, go forth and support your team in style, knowing you're backed by flexible policies and helpful support. Plus, you can also use the MLS Store coupon codes available at RedeemOnSports. Remember, a winning experience starts with informed choices!