PSO-Rite's self-massage tools are designed to be warriors against muscle tension and pain, but what about conquering the battle of finding a good deal? This blog dives into the potential for a PSO-Rite military discount and explores alternative ways for our military heroes to save on their recovery gear.

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Does PSO-Rite Offers a Military Discount?

The news might not be definitive. While PSO-Rite showcases their appreciation for veterans and active military personnel, information regarding a dedicated military discount program isn't readily available on their website. Here's how to investigate the possibility:

  • Contact PSO-Rite Directly: Reach out to PSO-Rite's customer service team via phone or email. Inquire about potential military discounts and their eligibility requirements. Be prepared to provide your military ID for verification if a program exists.

Alternative Strategies to Save:

Even if you can't secure a confirmed military discount, here are some alternative ways to score deals on PSO-Rite's self-massage tools:

  • Sign Up for Their Newsletter: Subscribing to the PSO-Rite email list keeps you informed about upcoming sales, new product launches, and (exclusive offers). You might receive a welcome discount code for joining.
  • Seasonal Sales & Promotions: Throughout the year, PSO-Rite conducts seasonal sales and promotions like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Keep an eye on the RedeemOnSports website for these events to snag significant PSO-Rite discount codes.
  • Bundle Deals: PSO-Rite offers bundle deals on some of their products. Consider purchasing a bundle that includes multiple massage tools - a great way to save compared to buying them individually.

Saving Beyond PSO-Rite:

Here are some additional ideas for military personnel to maximize their savings:

  • Explore Military Discount Websites: Websites like or Veterans Advantage often compile military discount information for various retailers. Check these platforms to see if they have any listings for PSO-Rite or similar products.
  • Consider Used Equipment: Explore online marketplaces for gently used self-massage tools. You might find well-maintained options at a fraction of the original cost.


The PSO-Rite military discount program might not be readily available, but exploring alternative savings options and considering pre-owned equipment can help you achieve optimal muscle recovery without compromising your budget. So, reach out to PSO-Rite, explore sales and promotions, and conquer muscle pain – all on a budget-friendly mission!